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the colors of fornication

sketch this scene inside your imagination
with a number two pencil and a gum eraser
if the lord could forgive the sinful
surely he would overlook my minor odds
because it was never my intention to harm
I didn't think she was going to be home
so I snuck inside her bedroom to investigate
and I found exactly what I didn't want to
a paper with handwriting the same as his
why would he want to touch this dog
at first when I saw her it was in the mirror
I thought I was only imagining her figure
I wanted to see her there so badly I conjured
but no ... it was her
and there would never be a better time
so I crept up behind her with my white veil
I slipped it around her fragile throat
the weight of her body against the material
made her face turn red and blue and then purple
the shades of this bitch were a true sight
then I laid her down and kissed her good night

--Jennifer Bishop