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Short Stories
That Spot on his Tooth
By Heidi Holtan
"As Emma walked through the automatic doors of Wilson Library she was positive she never looked worse. Her hair was matted down on one side due to skipping a wash this morning and she had sprouted a whole new crop of blemishes on her chin. And she reeked. Of onions from leftover Thai food and the stink of cigarettes from the concert at First Avenue the night before. It was just her luck that she would run into Robert."

Diary of a Christmas Tree Ornament
By Jim DeSelms
"We just arrived at the store today. It was a bumpy ride, but we're all so snug and happy in our little box. We just enjoyed the ride, singing our little Christmas carols. What joy it is to be a little Christmas ornament! We aren't very fancy, just simple colored glass Christmas balls. But we totally make up for our lack of glitz with pure class and charm!"

The British Woman
By Martha Ross
"Daisy was nearing the end of her second martini. The gin made her cheeks glow and her pointy, elfin features lose their usual severe look. Her frown lines were scarcely visible in the dim light of the lamp hanging above the bar booth. She downed the remaining liquor, then licked her lips, smiled mischievously and asked, 'So what should we do about Tim?'"


By Jennifer Bishop

Broad Existence
By Jennifer Bishop

Burlap Cuffs
By Jennifer Bishop

After the party
By I.M. Sterns

Voice Mail Blues
By Lawrence Miles

Shaved Head And Great Legs
By Lawrence Miles

Ode To Lola Langusta
By Lawrence Miles

By Jenny Sadre

By Tiffany Landrum

An Untitled Poem
By Barb Natividad

Poetry: Songs and Sonnets
By Barb Natividad

By Piper

the colors of fornication
By Jennifer Bishop

By Jennifer Bishop

By Jennifer Bishop

By Suzanne Pullen