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accusations whirl around us
like the jagged tin lid
from last night's can of cream corn
decapitating a couple
you prone to doubt
while I post heart sentries

I want to shake you and scream so loudly
pure velocity will force
my point of view into you

two sides to every story
leaves us facing off
but never being side by side

our past lingers
like the scent of unfamiliar perfume
pasted to our imaginations
are scenes of infidelity
as dust rises from mistakes and miscommunications

we want only to inflict the pain
each dealt the other
every night to sit and wonder
how to heal or overcome
looking back to question
if our togetherness ever came close to one
blame for blame we equal the same

it's becoming clear now
how hard remaining true to self
and selfless enough
can be

tonight you sever green beans instead of corn

--Jennifer Bishop