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User Feedback

Here's a sampling of messages we've received from our users. If you'd like to drop us a line, visit our feedback page! We'd be happy to hear from you!

I just found your site today. You have made my fucking day! As the child of an Asian father and Euro mother, I take a lot of crap from a lot of people and have had to fight all my life to overcome living in a black and white society while being a person of a different color. The writing is first-rate and the attitude is refreshing.

Al Natanagara
Site Producer, the Wild Wild Web

From: Dave Stewart

Great 'zine. It's refreshing to see a view of Gen X as literate, intelligent adults. I do hate the soda guzzling, extreme-sport-playing, slacker image that the media loves.

From: Bethany Lee

What a wonderful little 'zine! UberAsian is the most creative & witty advice column that I've ever read.

Blast is great - full of gen x angst, fears, hopes, and wisdom! Rock on!

From: Gregory T. Samson

A friend of mine (Asian male) forwarded the URL of your column UberAsian to me (also Asian male - well, Pacific Islander.)

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard! And, of course, the reason that it's so funny is that it's so accurate...

Keep it up! Thanks!

From: AJ

Hi Blast! I was just goofing off by looking up virtually It's kinda scary when I try to think about what made me go to Oh well. I think Blast is really cool. I'm glad to happen upon it. I just have one question though. How often is it changed? Is it a weekly publication or monthly publication? Well, I've made it my start page anyway. I needed a change. Maybe I'll even try submitting something when things calm down at the workplace.


From: Paul Ham

Your site is kick-ass!

Good luck!

Paul Ham

From: Alex
To: Joann Back, author of the short story "Chronicles of Friendship"


I read your short story "Chronicles of Friendship." I felt like crying. I didn't because I am a real man. Just kidding. I actually did fight back some tears. A story like that makes you think about how the people we love so much and that love us so much are taken for granted. I couldn't help but think of my mother when I read your story. It really hit home with me and I thought I should let you know.


From: Dr. Todd Wyatt
To: Gordon Ung and Wylie Wong, authors of the Rants and Riffs story "What's a Real Snowglobe?"

Okay Guys.

Your little satire hits a little too close to home.

Yes, I am a snowdome collector (the official term is snowdome, not snowglobe) and yes, we do get way, way too insane about this crap. It was very nice to read your diatribe about the inane concept of location domes versus promotional domes. I hope this little lesson will remind me to keep things in a little more of a rational perspective the next time I'm going for the jugular in a dome trade.

In fact, your article would be the perfect thing for ALL jaded and cutthroat dome collectors to read. Would it be possible for it to be reprinted in "Roadside Attractions", the journal of snowdome collecting? I can supply you with the name and address of the Editor, chief, cook, and bottle washer of that rag.

My last question, like an alcoholic looking for a drink, is: Are any of you people actual collectors? If so, would anyone be interested in trading? I have a trading list of over 100 different location domes from my collection of 1300+ domes.

Hey, let me know.

Todd Wyatt

From: Denna Root

Awesome 'zine! This stuff is blowing me away!

From: Harry Lin

It looks really, really nice. Very professional and very friendly. You all do a wonderful job.

From: Paul Louie
To: Wylie Wong, author of the Rants and Riffs story "The joys of raising cactus"

Hey! I know for a fact that it is impossible to kill a cactus. My mom has several and we keep moving it all over the house. First, it had no sunlight then we baked it in the sun. Just WATER it once in a while.